Friday, February 10, 2012

Finally Friday Silly Survey Questions

We all need a little chuckle on Friday. Answer the Silly Survey Questions in the comment section. Be sure to number your answers, so we know which questions your answering.

1. Which do you think is the answer to world peace? Coca Cola's "Buy The World A Coke" or pancakes?

2. When the ground hog sees his shadow, Do you think he's goes back inside because he's angry that some weird human in a top hat just pulled him out of his cozy hole or do you think he goes back in because he's depressed and doesn't want to come back out for another 6 weeks?

3. Do you think a doctor's office is called a practice?

4. Does condensed milk come from smaller cows?

5. Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?

6. Why do they call someone with an attitude cocky?

7. Why do they refer to someone your having a sexual relationship with as "sleeping with" when there is no sleeping going on?

8. Why is a hornet called a hornet if it has no horns?

9. Why do they say "cold as hell" when it is supposed to be hot in hell?

10. Why do they say "your ass sucks buttermilk" when someone is not telling the truth, if your ass really can't suck buttermilk?

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