Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eventful Holiday

I'm back, I took a short little break over the Easter Holiday to spend time with the family and my parents who came up for a visit from North Carolina.

We had a nice visit. We went to an antique mall. The kids really enjoyed the antique mall, seeing all the different  things from the past. Sammy was intrigued by the old rotary telephones. The first one she saw, she asked us "How do you use this phone?" Which was funny, you don't think about the old phones and people who have never seen a rotary phone have no idea how to work them. She went through the mall looking at the old dresses and on a scout for every old phone she could find. Adam was interested in all the old coke products memorabilia and the old police uniforms and weapons.

The kids got to go fishing with Grandpa and had a great time. Sammy lost a big fish and Adam caught one fish and threw it back in.

We had a very nice dinner with my family and my husbands mom. We all talked and laughed and had a great time. You have to love those holiday family dinners.

We took our parents out to dinner for their anniversary to the Bahama Breeze restaurant and had an excellent family dinner. It's a fun restaurant to go to with the live music and the Caribbean atmosphere and food. 

My parents brought their little Maltese , so even Max (the dog) had a great time. He loves playing with the little dog. They are hilarious together because she is so little and he is so big. He lays on the floor and allows her to crawl all over him. She is mischievous, so the two became partners in crime. Max opened the refrigerator door and was eating the ham with little Lexi standing by watching. I wish I could have caught it camera. We have no idea how he opened the refrigerator door. We were all sitting in the living room watching t.v. when we heard a crash in the kitchen and there was Max with the plate of ham on the floor. Then later, he opened the lid on the trash can and got out a piece of foil with food on it and a paper plate for Lexi. He dropped a plate on the floor in front of her and he went under the table with the foil. They played tag in the backyard, the funny thing was he couldn't catch her.

Between the kids and dogs, we laughed a lot and had a great time.

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