Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holiday Fun

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend. I know our family had a great time. We had a family barbecue with our friends and family. Memorial Day is probably one of my favorite holidays, it is one of those holidays where you don't have all the pressure of getting gifts, the family comes together to kick off summer and have fun. Summer barbeques are what memories are made of, they are some of my fondest memories growing up. Most of us remember those fun times we had at the family barbeques playing with our cousins growing up.

I always try and make it extra fun for the kids, so they have a great time. We got them poppers, sparklers, sidewalk chalk and glow in the dark necklaces, so they wouldn't get bored. I enjoy watching them playing and having fun together. It was actually amusing to watch them all running down the sidewalk on bikes, scooters, and skate boards together. My husband said "It looks like the Fat Albert Gang." I think they were louder than the adults, especially when we got the fire pit going to roast marshmallows. But that's what it's all about, having fun together. Lets not forget the real reason that brings us all together for Memorial Day, remembering the our countries, vets.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pageant Time

Sammy's dress from last year was too small, but I found this one for only $39.00 on Ebay. I was shocked to find such a pretty dress for only $39.00 and it is a perfect fit. We are almost ready for the pageant, can't wait.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

18 Year Old Charged With A Hate Crime

 18-year-old Teonna Brown, faces one count of first-degree assault, three counts of second-degree assault, plus the newly-filed hate crime charge for her assault on Chrissy Polis in a Baltimore County McDonalds. She remains held without bond since her arrest on April 25th. Brown brutally assaulted Chrissy Lee Polis in a McDonalds. A hate crime charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, which could be added to 25 years in the assault charge.
The assault was video taped by a McDonald's employee and was posted on YouTube. A 14 year old girl who was also shown in the video, was charged as a juvenile. In the video, Polis is shown being struck repeatedly in the head and is dragged across the restaurant by her hair, and at the end of the video, Polis appears to have a seizure. The dispute was over Polis using the ladies bathroom.
These young girls let hate get the best of them and now they are facing a prison sentence and a criminal record. They just threw away their lives, because they couldn't control their temper. When will people learn that hate will eat you up and destroy you? No one desearves to be attacked and assaulted the way Polis was.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Save On Purex Laundry Detergent At Rite Aid

 Purex laundry detergent goes on sale today at Rite Aid for $1.97 and there is a manufacturer's coupon for a $1.00, making the 50 oz. Purex only .97 cents. If you have a Rite Aid Wellness card and are a frequent user of the card, you can get the an additional .39 cents off bringing the total cost of the Purex laundry soap down to .58 cents. You can save 20% every time you use your Wellness Card.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Followers

I have some new followers, but some of them I can't follow back, because their link is not showing on their profile. If you have followed me and I haven't followed back, please leave a comment with your link.  I would love to visit your page and return the favor. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Donald Trump Is A Chump

Is Donald Trump is trying to increase his chances of running for President of the United States and winning? This is not the way to go about running for President. It almost seems as though this is a publicity stunt. I really don't think Obama would have gotten away with running for President on a fake birth certificate. Trump could be in cahoots with a Republic looking to run in the 2012 election and trying to discredit Obama.  Even when Trump was presented with Obama's birth certificate, that's not good enough for him. Where is Trump now? Mud slinging is not a way to win an election if he is planning on running in 2012. Political mudslinging only shows they are not concerned with the important issues the United States is facing.

With the most recent victory for Obama and the U.S. military in successfully bringing down Osama Bin Laden, his birth certificate is a thing of the past.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Is Finally Dead

Osama Bin Laden has finally been brought down. U.S. troops killed Bin Laden in a compound in Pakistan last night. Bin Laden could have been killed when Bush was in office, but Bush would never let the troops kill him. Whenever the troops got close to Bin Laden, Bush would tell them to pull out. Bush was thinking about his oil ties with the Bin Laden family, instead of the safety of the United States. Afterall, he flew Bin Laden's family back to Sadia Arabia on a personal jet the night of the 9/11 attack, before the FBI had the opportunity to interview his family. It's about time, they finally killed him. They can now stop wasting American tax dollars trying to continuously track him down.

Now that Bin Laden is gone, I'm sure there is another Al-Qaida leader ready to take his place. A huge terrorists group like Al-Qaida is going to have someone trained to take his place in case something happened to him. I am sure they have been preparing for this moment in time for years.

One of the consequences the U.S. may have to face, is they killed the Al-Quida leader and the burial method the U.S. government used of disposing of his body. Not that Bin Laden deserves the proper Islamic burial, I am sure the Al-Qaida are angry with they way his body was disposed of and may strike back at the United States. The U.S. Government did their best to follow the burial laws of Islam, but I am sure Al-Qaida still will not be pleased or satisfied with anything the United States does. Although they follow the extremist Islamic beliefs, they don't see it as extremist views of Islam. They truly believe that those who do not follow their views are sinners and deserve to be punished. In their eyes, this is a holy war and it is an honor to die in the war for Islam.

This is a great accomplishment for the U.S. Military and U.S. Government and it is a day that will be written in the history books around the world. Finally, justice has been served for the victims of 9/11.