Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Donald Trump Is A Chump

Is Donald Trump is trying to increase his chances of running for President of the United States and winning? This is not the way to go about running for President. It almost seems as though this is a publicity stunt. I really don't think Obama would have gotten away with running for President on a fake birth certificate. Trump could be in cahoots with a Republic looking to run in the 2012 election and trying to discredit Obama.  Even when Trump was presented with Obama's birth certificate, that's not good enough for him. Where is Trump now? Mud slinging is not a way to win an election if he is planning on running in 2012. Political mudslinging only shows they are not concerned with the important issues the United States is facing.

With the most recent victory for Obama and the U.S. military in successfully bringing down Osama Bin Laden, his birth certificate is a thing of the past.


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  2. I truly hope Trump is not running for office. I don't care for Obama (I know we disagree on that, I apologize), but Trump is a jerk and would not make a good president either. I sure hope the GOP finds a good candidate so there can at least be a fair discussion about who should run the country. Everyone said how little experience Obama had in politics. What does Trump have? He certainly isn't ready to run the United States, either!

  3. No need to to apologize. I know not everyone is going to agree with me. I don't mind as long as they politely disagree. I really hope he doesn't eith Ivanka Trump will kill the budget redecorating the White House and this country will be in trouble for sure. Trump needs to stick to what he knows best, business and stay out of politics.

  4. I agree that Trump needs to stay out of politics. I just hope we can find someone who DOES have a business mind as well as a political mind to run in case Obama doesn't get reelected. We need someone who can think in terms of business without being completely of big business. Does that make sense? We need someone who can think like a small business man in terms of spending but can handle a big business as far as the numbers. I cannot picture Ivanka Trump as first lady. The White House is not a place for a circus.