Sunday, May 15, 2011

Save On Purex Laundry Detergent At Rite Aid

 Purex laundry detergent goes on sale today at Rite Aid for $1.97 and there is a manufacturer's coupon for a $1.00, making the 50 oz. Purex only .97 cents. If you have a Rite Aid Wellness card and are a frequent user of the card, you can get the an additional .39 cents off bringing the total cost of the Purex laundry soap down to .58 cents. You can save 20% every time you use your Wellness Card.


  1. That is a really good deal. Bummer, that we don't have one here or near our home.

  2. Yeah,I make out pretty good at Rite Aid considering everytime you shop, not only do you get your 20% off they have been having surveys on the bottom of the receipt & if you fill them out you get $3.00 of your next purchase of $15.00