Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Ask Diane....

I went out with my husband and friends Saturday night. The bar got really hot, so I went outside to get some air. As I am sitting there on the bench, I watched the couples as they walk out of the bar. Almost half of the couples came out either looking angry or was arguing. Oh, and let's not forget the occasional drunk or some what drunk husband walking around the parking lot looking for his drunk wife, who is off puking somewhere.

Listen, drinking to relax and have fun is one thing, but when did puking in a dirty bathroom stall or off in the parking lot somewhere become fun? Just about everyone is guilty of having their own "I don't remember" drunk moments. Somewhere along the line the drunk moments have to come to an end.

My second issue is, all of the couples coming out of the bar arguing. Why are you going to go out to a bar with your partner if your just going to argue when you both get there. Why not just say, I won't go with you to the bar, because we argue every time we go. Go out to dinner instead. Please people stop being so damn petty in your relationships that you argue in your relationship over everything. Men cannot read our minds as we cannot read their minds. You have to tell them how you feel. Men and women operate on two different levels. The woman is the nurturer and the man is the provider. The problem now a days is the couples clash, because the women have also become the providers and still play the role of the nurturer. Women are feeling exhausted and beaten down and the male doesn't have the understanding of the stress being put on the woman for having to play two roles. Therefore, she ends up trying to make him understand him in a way that doesn't work and he is resenting her for it.

Relationships 101: The Basics of  Successful Relationships

Respect one another. Respect your partner's needs and desires. Treat them as you would wish to be treated and nothing less. Be there when they need you and more. Compromise, someone needs to bend, So, stop trying to win and that means both of you stop trying to be the winner. Pick your battles. Save your battles for the important issues. Talk to one another, not at one another. Not only hear what your partner is saying, listen to the what they are saying. Most importantly, don't forget who you fell in love with and why. If neither of those options work for you, then you have some self evaluating to do. Just don't forget, someone has to take the first step forward

And...there you have the story of Jack and Diane. Love the song, but I wouldn't want to live the life. 

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