Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bad food combined with bad service cont.

Sorry it took me so long to get back. The kids just returned and I have been working on getting the little munchkins ready for school and get settled in after returning from Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Just a mental note, this is my first bad review. But, with all the mistakes made and the order totaling over $57.00, I think this one was well deserved. 

So, now back to Bad food combined with bad service. A little refresher, the order was placed at the Cottage Inn in Westland was:


One large pizza with pepperoni.
One medium pizza with just cheese.
Order of bread sticks that came with the special.
One large order of chicken wings with BBQ sauce on the side.
One 6" Italian combo sub with olive oil on the side.
One 6" ham and cheese sub with mushrooms, minus the onions and peppers with olive oil on the side.

The last item on the list was, one 6" ham and cheese sub. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, you think it would be. But, not quite so easy for the Cottage in. What we got was one 6" ham and cheese sub with mushrooms with no lettuce and tomato, very little ham and a side of mustard sauce on the side.

When I called to place the order, I told them I would be paying with a $100.00 bill and if they could not make change for it, I could use my bank card over the phone. The person taking the order said, that is fine, I will make sure the driver has the exact change for you. When the driver comes, He had no idea I would be paying with a $100 bill and did not have the correct change.  Between my parents, us and our son , we managed to come up with enough money to pay for the order. Do not put me in that position when I am doing delivery. You never know, I may not have been able to come up with the money. Then what?!

Now onto the other mistakes. They said the order would arrive in 35 minutes. However, we received the order wrong and the subs were just too skimpy and wrong to let this one slide. 

When I called back to let them know the order was wrong, I spoke with a girl and she took my complaint, put me on hold and disconnected the call when placing me on hold for the second time. I called back to talk to someone and when I noted the was disconnected, she got very mouthy and told me the call was not disconnected, I must have hung up. Which I did not do. Rudeness, another strike against them. 

Finally, I get to a person to talk to about the order and they said they would make new subs and have them there in 15 minutes. Then he would give me a $5 credit. Did he not get that I told him we paid cash and the driver did not have the correct change? Another problem, they seem to be off in space somewhere and are not with you when you place the order.

It took almost two hours to receive the complete order after two attempts, four phone calls and two hours later, we finally got the order. But, of course they still did not get it completely right. They were missing the side of olive oil, they sent another container of mustard sauce. If you veer from what is standard, they seem to have problems with getting the order correct. Poor pizza delivery guy got blamed for everything because he is the new guy.  They gave me a $5 credit towards my next order. I told him "You actually think I will place another order with the Cottage Inn? Not a chance in hell, the $5.00 credit is not worth the aggravation. 

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