Monday, September 3, 2012

Max's New Baby

All weekend we heard a whining outside and we didn't know where it was coming from. Yesterday, the hubby went outside to check and see where the whining was coming from and discovered a baby squirrel in the back yard. Max had been wanting to go outside a lot and would not come in the house for hours at a time. He was laying in the grass in the same spot.  He was watching his baby. The only time we heard whining was when he was inside. The baby squirrel was calling for him. Max, our dog loves any kind of baby. He will watch it and protect it. He loves just about any animal smaller than him. He will take it on as his baby if they let him. He does the same thing anytime my parents bring their little Maltese over or our friends bring their little rat terrier over. He will share his food and water and the little dogs can do anything to him and he will just lay there and let them walk or climb on him or even pull his hair trying to get him up to play. When ever they make a sound, he will run to them to check on them.  

We called someone from the local wildlife rescue and found someone to come and pick up the squirrel. Max went crazy when he saw the woman holding his baby. He was jumping and whining, trying to get outside to his baby. She said, he could come out and say goodbye to his baby. He went straight to the baby squirrel to sniff it and he tried licking his baby. She said we could name the baby since we found it. We decided to call him Max after his adoptive daddy. He sat on the living room couch looking out the window watching her pull away with his new baby. Poor Max, he lost another baby. 


  1. Awww, that is so sweet. Poor Max, he just wants a baby!!

  2. I know, poor guy. He wants to be a daddy. We were thinking about getting him a puppy. Something small for him to take care of.