Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Real People In Review

Now that we covered the celebrities and in the news, I thought I would now cover the Real People 2011 Review. As we are watching television just before New Year's Day, we get slammed with the celebrity stars year in review, greatest sports moments and so on. But, they never mention what happened to the average every day person. I will start with the bad and finish with the good. What about?

How Eddie and Jan's house was
foreclosed on last month

How many homeless families and people
there are in the United States now.

Or how Frank next door lost his job last week.

And his wife lost her job 2 years ago
and they had to file for bankruptcy.

Johny had his car repossessed after his....

unemployment benefits were cut.

Cousin Sally's school got shut down.

Police officers were cut from the force. So, the next time you call
911 when someone is breaking into your house,
they may not have one available and your wife will have
to drive you to the hospital after you've just been shot.

Urrrrrr ..........

That may not be interesting enough.

But, I'm going to tell you anyway. Because, we want to know when....

When Maggie turns six.

That Jimmy returns home to his family in time for

Nick and Alison just got married and
still believe in the American Dream and.....

a year later they gave birth to triplets. Then....

Alison's little brother recovered from cancer.

And many more sad and happy stories of the everyday Americans people. But, we watch them. We kick back on our sofa watching TMZ and show after show of celebrities year in review or sports in review. By far I am not making fun at all the happy and sad moments in the lives of the everyday American. I am poking fun at all those who don't believe we are important enough to talk about.

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