Friday, June 8, 2012

"Pool Party'

Every Spring, I go out on this big search for the prettiest brightest pink I can find. I love hot pink starting with my nails and of course, a lady has to have hot pink eye shadow and matching foot wear for all my favorite splashes of hot pink.

I found this Summer's cutest hot pink at Sally's Beauty Supply Store. It is China Glaze's newest neon pink called "Pool Party". This neon pink put's me in a cheerful mood. It's a proven fact colors ignite emotions. This will definitely be my favorite color this summer. I think I am going to have to stock up on this one, my little darling loves this color too. 

The color goes on flat to stay true to the color, just add a top coat and your nails will shine like they are wet.   I applied China Glaze's Strong Adhesion Base Coat (also purchase at Sally's), then applied two coats of the "Pool Party" and one coat of the Orly.  

The dynamic duo. 

Perfect for brightening up those toes and fingers this summer.

Outside the color pops and changes the tint in the sun light. 

No, this is not an ad nor I was paid to write it. I'm just guilty of loving bright pink nail polish in the summer. 

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