Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Bandit

This was too funny, I had to share it with you. Mr. Max loves his bandanna. I took it off yesterday to give him his bath, he tried to take it out of my hand, he did not want his bandanna off. As I handed Sammy the bandanna, so I could take a picture of him, he sat up pretty to beg for his bandanna. As if, he was saying "please give me my bandanna back." He is too funny, we nicknamed him the "bandit", because he loves his bandannas and he steals your food when your not looking.

Wheaten Terriers are extremely smart dogs. He is constantly cracking us up with all the crazy things he does. Yesterday, Sammy left the gate open to the back yard. My neighbor calls me out to tell me his is sitting on the front porch waiting for someone to let him in. He was always very easy to train him to do tricks, house break, he will follow you outside, he picks up tricks very quickly. I would have to say one of funniest things he does which was accidental, is to shake his booty. If you tell him to shake his booty, he starts with his head and shakes all the way down to his tale then shakes his butt or when you rub his lower back he starts bouncing on his hind legs then does some little dance with hit front paws planted firmly on the floor.

Wheaten Terriers make excellent family dogs, they adore people, especially children. Just one thing to keep in mind with Wheaten Terriers is they do have a lot of food and airborne allergies. Max requires a special diet of salmon and sweet potato food, he has food allergies to birds, beef, and lamb. So, the best bet is all natural food and treats. We supplement his food with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Once you get all the kinks ironed out for their food allergies, they make excellent family dogs. He is very gentle with babies and small children. A wheaten terrier will love you with every bone in his body.

Short video of Max doing his little jig.

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