Friday, June 3, 2011

Dieting Do's & Don'ts

If your anything like me, the specialists on dieting are making you crazy. You never know what really works. The specialists conflict one another on what you should or shouldn't do while dieting. So, how are you supposed to know what to do if they can't get together and come up with a few good solutions to weight loss?

For most women once they hit their 30's or have had children, losing weight and staying in shape becomes a never ending battle. We all want the quick fix to lose weight fast. I really don't think there is one. Unless your willing to have plastic surgery or try one these new weight loss procedures. Believe me, it had crossed my mind, if only I had the money to try one.  Everything they come up with seems to not work for everyone. Our bodies are different, their is no universal weight loss method. What used to work best for me, no longer works the way it used to. I usually try and stick to the traditional method, by watching my fat, sugar and carbs intake with exercise. The weight just seems to be coming off slower since I have hit 40 this past year. It's like a little wand was waved over me when I turned 40, for some reason weight loss is so much harder than it used to be.  I used to be able to watch what I eat and walk or go to the gym and drop the weight off in no time. Now, it takes forever just to get five pounds off and I have to be even more careful about what I eat, because the pounds come on so easily. I feel like I am forever dieting. Dieting has almost become normal for me. I wish I could be one those people who walk in the store and picks up a candy bar once and a while. But then, there is that thought in the back of my mind "I really don't need it, because I will probably gain a pound from eating a candy bar.


  1. I hear you on this dieting stuff. Now that I am 40 and my Doctor is telling me to drop 50lbs. I am at a lost as to what plan to follow. Because what I use to do just doesn't work anymore. Let me know what you figure out.

  2. I don't like to diet. But I do love your blog here!!!! You've got a good thing going on over here. I love that you are providing a comfort zone to embrace diversity.

    I am your newest fan!