Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Food For Thought

The girl in the video makes a good point. Black and white interracial relationships draw the most attention of the interracial relationships controversy. It makes sense to say it could possibly stem from the history between Caucasians and African Americans. Why is it Asians dating African Americans, Asians dating Caucasians, Middle Easterners dating Caucasians, and so on is not part of the discussion nearly as much as Caucasians dating African Americans? What most people fail to recognize interracial dating is not just about Caucasians and African Americans. Interracial relationships by definition means "Marriage or sexual relations between individuals of different races."

 My question is "Why is interracial relationships a controversy in the first place?" Does my life or the life of other interracial couples have a direct effect on the lives of others? Why are white women who date black men stereotyped? When reading the comments under the video, one of the comments says, white women who date black men act like teenagers, I highly doubt that statement is true. That is the same as saying we are less intelligent, because we chose to be with an African American male. I think it is more fair to say, we don't believe in separating the races and we believe we are all the same regardless of skin color. A person can not be judged by the color of skin their mate is.

Racism is ignorance and there shouldn't be a debate about interracial relationships. There is no superior race. We are all the same and God created us in his image. If you are racist, then you are questioning your faith and you are questioning that God created man in his image. There are bigger fish to fry than to waste time debating over interracial relationships or which race is superior.


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  3. I am with you, someone ought to answer the question as to "what the big deal is?" I believe like you, we are all the same. Color does not matter. We are all children of God. I have never understood why people get so upset over interracial relationships.