Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Baby Graduated From The 5th Grade Today

My baby graduated from the 5th grade today. It was so hard, especially when Mr. Bateman announced they were the graduating class of 2018. I cried, then the teachers cried and I cried again, then when we went to go get her she was crying, because she was sad to be leaving the elementary school and I cried some more. Shh... even her brother had a few tears in his eyes, which I did not expect at all. That's when it hit me, my baby will be graduating in 7 years and my son will be graduating in 6 years. It's almost over and they will be all grown up and going off to college before you know it. Graduating the 5th grade is such a milestone in their life, next year she will be going on to middle school and everything will begin changing. Before I know it, there will be boys and dances then the prom. I am so not ready it for it.
My little princess insisted on wearing her pageant dress, she is such the little diva. Surprisingly, she wasn't the only child in a formal. There were a few girls in formal and one of our neighbor's boys was wearing a pin striped suit and top hat. It was too cute.


  1. Leaving school is really a sad affair.. My daughter is separated 3years now from her friends and still misses all of the and the teachers!

    Tks to 2day's modern technologies, they still can communicate. My son, left his school 8years ago and now his friends studying in different colleges, yet they still maintain a very strong bond, friends and teachers via fb etc.

    Ensure they meet-up during festivities etc to ensure their friendship will remain intact.


  2. I know, isn't it? But, she will still have her friends and she will have new teachers. I'm just not ready for her to start growing up.

  3. Oh, I remember these milestones! Hold onto the moments. Take lots of pictures. Have loads of fun. Make many memories. Sending you hugs on this day! (((HUGS)))

  4. I will, thanks. Taking pictures of Sammy isn't a hard thing to do, she loves being in pictures. Adam on the other hand, hates pictures and we have to force him to take pictures. I feel like I'm not going to have any pictures of him from the time he turned 11, because he thinks it's not cool to take family pictures. I think that's why I was so emotional yesterday. After that point for Adam, he changed so much.