Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Sad Beginning

I know, there has been a real lack of posts this week. It's been a little crazy around here this week. We found out Friday, my daughter's best friend died from an asthma attack last Thursday. It was such a shock and so sad to hear about. The little girl was only 11 years old. She was like a family member, as other children in the neighborhood, she spent many days here playing and for sleep overs. At first, I didn't believe it. I thought maybe she was in the hospital or something, because she was just over her playing the day before it happened. I called her mother to see if it was true and to give her my condolences if it was true. So, I have allowed the kids to have more sleepovers than usual this week to distract them and I spent yesterday afternoon making five packs of hot dogs on the grill to drop off for the kids at the car wash trying to raise money for her funeral. With the sad news and all the children running in and out of the house I really haven't had too much to write about. It is a reminder of how you can lose someone out of the blue.

It was nice to see the parents and the kids in the neighborhood working together to raise money for her funeral. We live in a suburb where the homes are close together, so a lot of the children play in groups around here and the parents get a chance to know a lot of the other children of the neighborhood.


  1. Oh, I am in tears right here with you! This is terribly sad news. There is something that crushes our hearts when a child dies suddenly. I am so sorry to hear this news.

    What an amazing gift the children in the neighborhood are bringing to the family. It amazes me what kids will do when they are trying so hard to cope with a loss. It seems the best of humanity comes out in their actions during a time like this!

    ♥Hugs to you, your family and that sweet little girl's family too.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, it is very sad when a young child dies suddenly.