Saturday, November 19, 2011

DPD Stage A Sickout Friday

A handful of Detroit Police staged a sickout on Friday in response to Mayor Dave Bing calling for a 10% pay cut. Resources were called in to cover their shifts, the last thing we need is less police on the City of Detroit's streets.  I'm not sure if staging a sickout is the best thing to do when people's lives are in their hands and depends on the police showing up to a call, but it is terrible how the Mayor wants to give them a 10% pay cut. Police officers work very hard and put their lives on the line for very little money as it is. You don't see politicians proposing a pay cut for themselves. Instead of what you see is so many politicians have been ripping off the tax payers and steeling money from them.

The city of Detroit is rated in the "Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities To Live In", Mayor Dave Bing should be cutting into the pay of politicians, instead of city workers which the city so desperately needs. We should be adding police officers, not cutting their pay. After all, they risk their lives everyday to protect and serve us. The politicians fly around in private jets, throwing big parties and living life as though there is no recession. It makes more sense to me to give a 10% pay cut to all city and state politicians. Politicians make more money than city workers and would give more money to the budget. 10% of $100,000 a year is %10,000 per politician or more, whereas most police officers are lucky if they make $40,000 a year, which only comes out to around $4,000 a year per worker. Do the math. Which makes more sense to you. But, then again it comes down to the politicians want to cut everyone elses' pay, but their own pay.

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