Friday, November 4, 2011

Wow, What A Month

I'm still here. Finding time for blogging has been a little difficult for me this month, starting with Halloween. We get busy with decorating for Halloween, getting the kids ready for Halloween and our yearly Halloween Party we go to. Then that throws straight into November with birthdays and the holidays. By some unusual chance all three of our children were born in November. My son on the 9th, my youngest daughter on the 29th, my oldest daughter on the 30th, my sister on the 26th and my mother-in-law on the 4th. November is full of Birthdays. So, a big shout out to my other mom, Happy Birthday Kat! We love you!

December is pretty much the same. There is my mom on the 2nd, my dad on the 6th and my husband on the 17th. Then Christmas follows. Plus, I have been working on my website non-stop trying to get it ready for Christmas. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the days lately.


  1. It does seem to be a busy season. October 1st kicks off our rush of birthdays. It seems to be none stop for both sides of our family. Then you throw in the Holidays, whew it is a world wind of parties and celebrating. By the middle of January after the last Birthday has been celebrated, I am ready for a little party recovery to take place. Happy Birthday to all those members of your family who has a Birthday this month.

  2. Shooo! I know right?! By the time Christmas is over I am ready to take a deep breath and relax. :)