Saturday, April 16, 2011

Funny Warning Labels

Funny warning labels. Do they really need to warn us about some of these warnings? Believe it or not they do need to put some of these warnings on labels, because some people will attempt doing some of the crazy things on the labels. People who suffer from a pica disorder will eat unusual things, such as soap, rocks, paper, or even toilet paper. Then there is the case where some people lack common sense.

Some people do actually have an addition to sleeping with a blow dryer running. One woman severely burned herself while doing it.

That would be a difficult one to attempt. I'm sure someone has tried.


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  3. Great list. Seriously though, are all of these genuine? Hard to believe some of them are, they're nuts (especially the superman outfit and cheese ones)!

  4. As far as I know. I will have to check the cheese when I go to the store out of curiosity. lol