Friday, April 1, 2011

Never Turn Your Cheek To Ignorance

Apparently, my post yesterday "The KKK Is Coming To Your Town" sparked a little anger in someone. That's okay, because it is supposed to spark some feelings. Hopefully, they are feelings of "Maybe it's time to do something about." This person subscribes to the theory that if you ignore something it goes away. Ignoring a problem does not make the problem go away by far. Did ignoring Racial Segregation make the problem go away? No, it didn't. It took people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. standing up and uniting people for change to make a difference. Ignoring the KKK has not made the problem go away either. They are gaining strength and recruiting more than ever now that there is an African American President in office. They don't recognize it's a great leap for mankind. They are holding more rallies to recruit our young people and recruiting our young people is not as hard as you think. There are a lot of teens out there looking to belong to something or fit in somewhere. They use their teens to recruit other teens who are lonely and need friends. It is eating them up inside that a black man is running the country they live in and they are trying to prevent it from happening again by recruiting more people to the KKK. More members for the KKK means more people to vote against a black man running for office again.

I am in no way promoting the KKK by writing posts about them. I am trying to bring awareness to the problem. If the KKK was trying to hold a rally in my town, believe me I would be on the phone with city hall and the police department in an attempt to make it more difficult for them to hold rallies where I live. But, sitting by and taking a "lets pretend they don't exist approach" would be the last thing I would do and I hope that would be what others would do also. The KKK effects everyone. What about when they tried bombing the people (including children) who were participating in the Martin Luther King March this year? If no one was aware the KKK had made threats and pretended they didn't make them. Then the bomb would have went off and innocent people would have been killed and injured. The fact the KKK is taking a terrorist approach is pretty scary. The fact that they are willing to harass and kill people for their cause is scary. It doesn't sound like a problem that should be ignored.

If people are offended by my blog promoting cultural and racial diversity, then they should just move along, because I will continue to write against hate groups and discrimination. Ignoring a problem does not make the the problem go away, it only gives them the power they need and the room to grow. Take a good look at my children, they are not white according the KKK's definition. I am fighting to make a better world for my children and other children to grow up in. Change begins with one person at a time. If I can change the thinking of one person, then I have made a difference. The world we live in is a colorful world, being different from one another is what makes us part of the human race.


  1. rock on sister! keep at it... i totally agree with you... WE CANNOT IGNORE THE PROBLEM ... it makes me sick to think that this level of prejudice still seeps into our communities... there is a huge chapter of the KKK in my hometown... and the march frequently... disgusting.. .the only good thing is that not many show up for their displays of "community goodness"... and even sadder is the fact that i'm sure i know some of the hooded fools... cowards

  2. It is a terrible thing this still goes on in our communities. Thank you for your support. :)

  3. I'm your newest follower from the Get Wired Blog Hop and like what I've seen so far. YOu might want to check out the Kind Hearted Blogger Pledge - it's about dsagreeing with respect. Hope you can stop by my blogs. and