Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pastor Terry Jones Holds Protest In Dearborn

This is a difficult one, it's a grey area that most people just don't know what to do. I don't like what he is preaching, I find the man repulsive. But, did Dearborn step on his Constitutional Rights? I think there needs to be an ordinance put into place prohibiting people or groups from expressing hate. Allow them to hold there meetings or protests without publicly expressing hate. Until there is an ordinance against publicly expressing hate, it makes it a sticky situation trying to prevent people or groups from protesting and expressing hate. But, the people in the crowd were being hypocrites by being there and protesting him speaking when they began throwing shoes and water bottles at the Pastor. If they were going to protest him being there, it should have been done peacefully. I think the city of Dearborn is only adding fuel to the fire. They could have originally said yes, with limitations and used what ordinances they could to prevent the protest from getting too large or to keep him from burning the Koran.  If they allowed him to hold it in the median in front of the Mosque, where he originally wanted to hold the protest. They could of prevented him from starting any fires and then prevented the protest from getting too large, because of the size of the area. They could of simply said, if you start a fire, you will be arrested for starting a fire in a place where fires can not be started. The could have prevented the Media from getting in, because of the size of the area and the traffic. Now, the city of Dearborn is looking at a law suit they can't afford, because the situation wasn't handled correctly without stepping on someone's constitutional rights. If they had let him hold his protest without the press, there would have been less people there and less media attention. All they are doing is making him stronger. The media and city of Dearborn is feeding right out of his hands. All they are doing is giving him the media attention he wants, he knew by coming up here with a high Arab American population, he would make it to the world news. It's called cheap advertisement.


  1. wow!!! I live in Dearborn Heights and knew nothing about this!!! LOL I never watch the news though so that is probably why....I found you through the Mom Bloggers group and when I saw a post that said Dearborn I thought-HEY, that's where I live!!! LOL

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    @rawkinmom- I get a kick out of the news sometimes. lol

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