Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dreaded Walmart Trips

I went to Walmart today looking for some rugs and a few things. Not long after walking in the door, I remembered why I avoid that store whenever possible. Whenever you go in there, plan on spending almost two hours in the store, because it it so difficult to find everything you need. The Walmart I go to in Dearborn, the set up of the store just doesn't make sense to me. I can never find anything I'm looking for without spending way too much time wandering around. I end up walking back and forth through the sections trying to find the things I need and it seems they never have the shelves stocked. The shelves always look like they just had a mad rush of people who just cleared off the shelves. Then to make the trip to Walmart even more annoying, you spend at least 15 minutes waiting in line, because they never have enough lanes open. Every since they got busted locking illegal workers in at night, they must be trying to cut back somewhere. So, they cut back on cashiers and stock people. 

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