Thursday, January 5, 2012

Home Set On Fire In A Hate Crime

In Anne Arundel Count, Md, a home was set on fire and sexual and racial slurs were painted on the side of the house on New Years Day. Two elderly women and their caretaker were not in the home at the time, the neighbor was awoken by what she thinks sounded like someone banging on the door when she discovered the house on fire. It took 30 firefighters and 20 minutes to distinguish the flames, causing $150,000 in damage to the home. Someone had spray painted sexual and racial slurs on the side of the house, which were too offensive to be shown. Anne Arundel County Fire Department Division Chief Michael Cox said, he didn't know if they had reported any harassment in the past.

Investigators and arson dogs were called to the scene and found traces of accelerate inside the home. Now the whole neighborhood is on edge wondering who set the fire to the home.

“It’s terrible. I mean, it’s very surprising,” said one neighbor.

“That is a hate crime. It is an arson. That’s what’s actually frightening, to think that there’s a crazy person out here, just committing these kind of crimes,” said another.


  1. I simply don't understand stories like this. If someone doesn't like what someone else is doing, just leave them alone. How does setting fire to their home help at all?

  2. I don't understand either. I don't know how someone's race could bother someone else enought to want to kill another person. It's very sad.

  3. The article said there were sexual slurs, too, so I can only imagine what was painted there. The idea of killing another person for any reason boggles me. I can understand why the neighbors would be wondering who did this. It is sad and scary.