Friday, February 25, 2011

Beauty Tips & Tricks From Your Medicine Cabinet & Your Kitchen

Oatmeal cooking oats bath gives instant relief for itchy skin and mosquito bites.

Eye drops for pimples. Put a few drops on a q-tip and blot on pimple. The eye drops will help reduce the redness and inflammation in the pimple.

Use your old buttons to keep your earrings together.

Make a mistake on your self tanner, use an alcohol infused astringent to fix your mistakes.

Secure loose buttons in a bind by wrapping the loose string around the button and secure with clear nail polish.

Clear polish can also help keep the rust rings out of your shower by painting a thin layer of polish on the bottom of your shaving cream can. It will help keep the can from rusting in your shower.

In a bind, use your flat iron for minor wrinkles and those difficult to reach areas.

Make expanding room on your waist band by inserting a rubber band through the button hole then wrapping it around the button.

Get a grip on those stubborn knots in shoe laces or necklaces by putting a thin layer of corn starch on them.


  1. Just visiting. This post is pretty helpful, especially the piece on untying knots and the oatmeal bath.

  2. Great tips! I love the nail polish on the loose button strings. Great idea!

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  4. Great stuff! Thank you for sharing. Hugs and have a great weekend and make happy memories!