Monday, March 28, 2011

Fliers Spark Controversy At Princeton

At the Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, NJ someone placed up anti-abortion fliers with one that displayed a noose and another with the words "in the new klan lynching is for amateurs." In last November at the University there were fliers with an African American woman up for auction and again in February for Black History month.

A statement from the seminary said it "does not tolerate racial discrimination" and "has policies that both protect freedom of speech and preclude racial harassment of any kind." The problem the students have is, the school is not taking any action over the fliers that has been posted on campus.

Most of the students were shocked and appalled by the fliers. One student said,
"There was a lot of devastation for me, psychological damage, injury, because I saw this as social bullying," student Shirley Thomas said.

Another studend Alex Turpin, said he thought whoever was distributing the literature had a "right to voice their opinions," adding "personally, I wouldn't have done it in that way."

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