Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Transgender' Death Being Investigated For A Hate Crime

State and federal agents of Little Rock, ARK are investigating the death of transgender who was shot and dragged by a car. The agents believe the crime may be a hate related. Investigators says, it appears the victim was shot while standing in front of the car and then hit by the vehicle and dragged underneath the vehicle last Wednesday.

St. Francis County Sheriff says, "Apparently after shooting the individual -- we feel like the victim was shot in front of the vehicle -- the suspect, whoever it may be, thought they might straddle the body, and in the process of taking off, the body got hung up under the vehicle,"

Authorities reported they have located a witness who heard two gun shots at around 3:30 a.m. and two .32 caliber shell casings were found at the scene. However they have no suspects in the crime.

It's a shame someone had to lose their life because, someone else didn't agree with how they lived their life. I am sure the people who killed him didn't even know him and their lives had nothing to do with his life.

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