Friday, May 11, 2012

A Day Of Relaxation Needed

This picture was perfect, I always feel like I am stuck
in the middle of my  two youngest fighting and don't know what to do to
keep the peace in the house at least for the rest of the day.

I worked hard all week getting everything I need to do done so I can spend Friday relaxing. Even though I am a SAHM, I do have other things to manage with my online web store I have to keep up the running, the errands,  running the kids to and from school, laundry, cleaning, cooking and everything in between, I am completely exhausted and my back is hurting.

Before when I was working, my time was managed differently. I had to fit in working a eight or nine our day in there also. But, the cleaning was done while the kids were getting ready for school, errands ran on my way home from work, laundry done when ever throwing a load in and getting one out would fit in and cooking a quick meal when returning home from work.

Now, I do a whole lot more cleaning than I did before. The children seem to think, just because I don't work outside of the home, I should clean up after them more. The standards of what is clean and what is not clean has changed, I sit down in my living room more now than before and have more time to notice my surroundings more. On days I had appointments or had to take the dog to the vet., it was usually take out for dinner but, now I usually cook on those days unless it's a late appointment.

I spent four hours cleaning the house yesterday, getting the errands ran and doing the laundry just so I can sit, relax and maybe spending sometime writing. For some unknown reason other than a lack of time, I haven't had the time to sit down and write. I don't know if it is my need to have things neat and tidy all the time has gotten worse or that I just have more tasks to accomplish through out the day.

Today, I will get dressed when I am ready to get dressed, I will sit and drink my coffee watching the news and surfing the net as long as I want to and today I am not going to do anything unless it necessity, like picking up my daughter from the bus stop and of course cook dinner unless I get too relaxed and decide to go with take out for dinner tonight. I thought I would give myself my own Mother's Day gift. Happy Mother's Day! 

To be cont....

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