Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who is to blame for America's overweight children?

I am always hearing about how American children are over weight. They blame the whole problem solely on parents not monitoring what their children are eating and not teaching them healthy eating habits and children not getting enough exercise. Parents are not the only ones to blame, schools play a huge role in the weight problem, offering children chocolate milk with their lunches every day, adding vending machines for the children to get junk food out of to fill up on in school, all the processed foods they feed children, very few school lunches are actual cooked meals. The majority of school meals are quick and easy frozen processed food. They offer children options of buying pizza, tacos, and candy bars on a daily basis as lunch menu options. I don't allow my children to have candy during the week, however they can walk into school and buy candy bars every day! Which are against my parenting rules. Yes, kids do play way too many video games and spend too much time in front of the televisions. But, what about the children who don't spend all day in front of the television all day and who play sports and get involved in numerous activities. You still see children involved in activities who are over weight.

Those factors play a small role in why children are more over weight than they were 20 years ago. Nobody talks about all the hormones being injected in the animals we eat and we are feeding our children playing a role in the weight gain problem of American children. Animals are injected with hormones to make bigger animals to produce more meat from every animal. The hormones do not magically disappear once they are slaughtered and sold in the stores. It is an obvious chain reaction, the animals are injected with hormones and we eat the animals injected with the hormones. Young girls are developing at a much faster rate and beginning menstruate at a much younger age.

We already know the FDA is not looking out for our best interest with all of the toxins, bugs and etc. that are allowed in food our children's baby formula, baby bottles, plastic bottles and so much more and can easily be bought off to approve all this toxins and junk they are feeding us. So, we trust the FDA to say our children eating meat injected full of hormones does not have a significant effect on our children and our bodies? Not only are children struggling with weight loss, adults are also struggling with weight loss. The meat we eat are injected full of hormones and we eat those hormones every day and even several times a day. We eat the hormones and drink the hormones in the milk we drink and give to our children. Who's to blame?

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