Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finally A Solution To All Of My Dog's Allergies

Max loves his bandannas and doesn't like them off. Which is funny,
we call him the bandit because he likes to steel food.

Finally, after five years of running my dog to the vet every couple of months, I have found a vet who has finally come up with the solution to all of Max's skin problems and allergy problems. Some of my readers have also experienced the same problems with their dogs. Here is the solution to a health happy pooch.

Max has had problems with itching, pulling his hair out, chewing his feet, digging his ears, anxiety and his fear of being left alone even if it is for an hour or so. I have been running him back and forth to the vet every 2 or 3 months for ear infections and allergies.

The vet suggested dog food made from fish. Apparently, they are getting the same amount of protein from the food made from fish as other foods, but their bodies do not process it the same way. So, I bought him the Blue dog food, salmon and sweet  potato food. He loves it. Max gained 9 pounds in only 3 weeks. They began giving him regular steroid shots every two months and will gradually spread out the steroid shots. Then I put him on Omega 3, his skin has made a 100% turn around in under two months. Plus, they put him on an anxiety pill twice daily. Which I have been asking them to do for a long time. The old vet never did it and I am so glad I found a vet who knows how to fix the problems he was having.

The anxiety was getting completely out of hand. I couldn't leave him home alone, not even for an hour. He would either chew his feet until he was limping, pull his hair out  or chew his tail until it bled. When I left home to go somewhere without any there, I would have to put a pair of tights on him with the feet cut out and a cone. But, then he learned how to take off the cone and tights. I was at my whits end with him with no clue how to fix his problems, I had tried almost everything affordable and not so affordable to fix the problems. It's sad to say it took five years and 4 different vets to fix his problems. But, I am glad I finally found one who knows what she is doing when it comes to dog allergies.

Sweet little Lexi

He also had a little play therapy with my Mom's Maltese when she came to visit. She's only a year old and full of energy. He absolutely adores her and takes care of her like she is his baby. Which is funny for a male dog. The two of them together had a fun vacation for two weeks. It was two weeks of romping, running, playing and being mischievous. He let her climb all over him, pull his hair, make him him play, they played tag together. He took trash out of the garbage can with food on it for her, shared his food and water dish, he even tried teaching her to open the refrigerator. Max is a very talented dog. He can open the bedroom doors and the refrigerator.

The day after Easter we were all sitting in the living room watching t.v. when we heard a crash. My oldest yelled "the dogs" and ran into the kitchen. When going in the kitchen she found the two dogs standing in front of the open refrigerator door with the Easter ham plate on the floor and they were eating off it. Mischievous? You put the two of them together and they are very mischievous together, even apart they are mischievous. So, when you put the two of them together it is double trouble. She kept him too busy to scratch, dig and pull his hair out.

Mr. Max enjoying his watermelon.
A slice of watermelon is like a piece of steak to Max.
Lexi loves the baby carrots, so Max started eating them with her. Now, he's on a healthy diet of carrots for treats, his salmon and sweet  potato treats, salmon and sweet potato food and watermelon and bananas. He is looking and acting like his old self again and once again is a healthy happy dog for us to enjoy having.

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