Saturday, July 16, 2011

Michigan Antihistamine Laws

Michigan just signed a bill requiring people who buy antihistamines will be registered into a law enforcement data base every time they buy an antihistamine. I don't have a problem showing ID when I buy allergy medicine. Adding people to a law enforcement database is just taking things too far. Our household goes through a lot of allergy medicine. We have three people and the dog who all have seasonal allergies. We buy a lot of allergy medicine every month. I don't want to be questioned by law enforcement about how much allergy medicine we buy. There are bigger fish to fry than how much allergy medicine someone is buying. I know why they are imposing laws on antihistamines, but leave it to the stores to report someone who is attempting to buy an excessive amount of antihistamines. There is a limit on how much you can and you have to show ID when buying certain medicines, it's not stopping anything. The people who are using them to make drugs with most likely aren't buying the medicine, they are probably stealing the medicine, because they can't buy enough of what they need to make drugs with.
More people are injured or killed a year from drinking and driving than any other drug. The funny thing about it is, they don't put as much effort into busting drunk drivers. Drunk drivers scare me, because it is usually the innocent who get hurt from someone else being irresponsible. Investing money to put peoples names in the criminal law database is a waste of money. Keeping a limit on how many you buy and requiring identification is the way to weed out people who were buying cold and allergy medicines to make drugs. Innocent people will probably be the ones questioned, because those who do use them to make drugs will just steal the medicines to keep their names out of the data base.
Why don't they take that money they are going to spend to set up and maintain the data base and give the money to the local law enforcement to bust the real criminals and bump up cracking down on drunk drivers? The government wastes too much time and money on the wrong problems and the problems they do need to crack down on get ignored. It's time for the government to get their priorities straight.

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