Thursday, July 14, 2011


I got very little sleep last night. Don't you just hate it when you really want to fall asleep, but you can't? I am missing my children and I am too worried about my father to sleep. My father may be going in for his second surgery in a week. Last week when he had surgery, I was relieved that they found out what was wrong with him. Hoping he would have the surgery and then everything would be fine. A week later, he is having the same problem again and is it back to the beginning. Except for this time, it didn't take them as long to figure out what the problem is. They did a few things hoping to correct the problem, but if it doesn't work he will have to go back in for surgery. Hopefully, everything will work out for him today and he won't need to go for surgery. I feel terrible for him that he is going through so much pain.
It is so scary when you parents become ill, because you know they are older and have more health problems and their bodies can't take the same illnesses they did when they were young. It's even harder when you are so far away from them and can't go to them every time they become sick. I'm just hoping they will fix the problem today and he will be home to enjoy his new car soon and get the chance to enjoy spending time with his grandchildren before they come home next week. 


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. My father had surgery in December to correct a problem that he still had in June. They ran more tests. He has stage 3 lung cancer. The first 3 consultations were devastating. The 4th was full of hope. He is in his 2nd week of radiation and hopefully he will have an easy time of it and be with us much longer.
    I will say some prayers for your Dad and your family!

  2. Thank God, it's not as serious as cancer. I will have him in my prayers. Thank you and bless your heart. :)