Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Without Power Again

Here I am sitting without power again. I had to use an extension cord just to get on for a few minutes to check my stuff, so my time is very limited. I don't want to get a power surge and crash my computer in case the power comes back on. We spent most of last week with out power and now our power has been out since Sunday. Apparently, there was a wire sparking down the street and our power went off again. They have a few houses blocked off with tape.
This entire mess is insane. I have really lost my patience with DTE Energy now. All of this is, because their lack of maintaining the power lines. The government should really crack down on DTE and make them maintain their power lines and if they don't them hit them with a big penalty. Can you imagine not being able to go in your house, because it's not safe. That is ridiculous! They are taking their time at getting over here to fix the power lines. They are putting people out on the street and they don't have to answer to anybody for it. We are supposed to hand over thousands of dollars a year to DTE and when the power goes out they can take their time fixing it. I'm sorry, but they are a bunch of jackasses.  It's not like we live in a third world country and energy is free. We have to pay big bucks for the service. In the winter time our gas and electric bill is almost as much as our mortgage and this is what we get for our money. Sitting in a hot house during a heat wave with no electric. Not for just a day or a few hours, we are talking about days without electric. Damn, I feel like I am sitting in a third world country. This is freaking insane.


  1. Haha...I feel your pain! We moved to Missouri & at the time we were living 10 miles from the city(what they call a city:-)and there was a really bad thunderstorm!! OMG! Thank goodness we had a generator!! Cause it took them a little over a week to get our lights and water running again!! Fun stuff!!

  2. Oh my, at least we had power on one wall and running water. I alway keep a gas stove for this reason. If the power goes out, at least you can still cook or get a little warmth, if needed.