Monday, July 25, 2011

Road Trip

We returned home yesterday from North Carolina. What used to be a trip I would fly is now a trip we drive, because airplane tickets for a family has gotten totally ridiculous. Twelve hours in a car with three kids and a dog is a rough ride. I would have left the dog at home with the neighbor, but Max has some anxiety issues.  He loves riding in the car. He is definitely a rode trip dog. Especially, when he has the kids sitting with him. He enjoyed stopping at the rest stops and watching the pretty lady dogs in the dog walking area. The last hour of the trip, he insisted on sitting on my lap in the front seat. He amused the passing drivers as they were driving by, because he was sitting up in my lap like he was a person looking out the front and side window. I think after watching the kids hold the little dog all week, he thought people should hold him too.
Who ever thought sitting in a car would be so exhausting. Every couple of hours, the kids were asking "How much further until we get to Michigan?"  At least my power was back on when I returned home. My cat was angry with us for leaving, even though my neighbor came over to let her out and feed her she peed on my couch where I usually sit to let me know she was displeased with me. But, she did bring me home a welcome home present today, a dead mouse at the back door.
My daughter fell in love with my mother's new puppy, Lexy. The two were inseparable.  She walked around with Lexy wrapped in a blanket and showered her with attention. Lexy would wake her up in the morning. I'm sure she woke up this morning wandering where all the kids went to and was disappointed when she didn't find them.

Adam fell in love with the tree frogs and wanted to bring one home. But, we decided not to bring one home with us. The car ride with three kids and a dog might be a little much for a tree frog. That and Sasha Kitty likes to kill small prey and the frog would probably be first on her list. Some how, some way she would get to the frog, she is a determined little kitty when it comes to small things that move. He did take pictures, but he locked his phone up playing with it in the car. I needed to replace his phone anyway, because while he was down there he jumped in the swimming pool with his phone in his pocket.  But, we did buy him and Sammy a Venus Fly Trap there, because he wanted one and they are native to South Carolina and North Carolina swamps. He had fun catching flies to feed the Fly Traps.

They both had a fun time at Carowinds and are begging to go back for Scarowinds. It was Adam's first time riding a roller coaster and Sammy our little dare devil couldn't get enough of the roller coasters. 
We did have a nice trip visiting my parents and hopefully we will make it back there again soon. It was nice getting away from Michigan for a week and the constant power outages we have been having and coming home to our power finally back on.


  1. Sounds like a fun road trip! I love the puppy in that purse! I remember when my sweet Chorkie, Ms. Daisy would fit in my purse. I took her everywhere. Well, not everywhere. That would be too "Paris Hilton" and all. But you get it right?

  2. It was nice to get away. I get it, the tiny dogs are so cute. It's hard not to spoil them. Lexy is a little tiny ball of energy on the go almost from morning til night.

  3. Looks like fun! new follower...would love for you to follow back :)