Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Change Is Never Easy

Time passes by so quickly and before we know it everything has changed. Life is no longer what we knew it to be, nor do you know how to get it back. One day your walking around thinking life could not be more perfect and you have everything you have ever dreamed of. Then another day, your standing there wondering what happened to your life and asking yourself questions. What should I have done differently? Why didn't I see it coming? Why do I have to be the one who's life is turned upside down? Am I missing something? I thought that we were supposed to be in control of our own destiny. But, are we really in control of our own life? No matter how much we wish our life could stay the same, it never does. Change is a part of life that I will never get used to.

Then there are the times when you try so hard to accept the changes in your life and try to turn it into something positive. But, no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to achieve your goal. It makes you wonder if maybe God had a different plan for your life, but your just not seeing it. If that is the case, I wish he would show me the path I am supposed to choose. But, I know it is never that easy.

I know we are supposed to feel blessed for all the good we have in our life and there is always someone out there who has it harder than you. But, that isn't always an easy thing to do when you have lost something and don't know how to get your life back to the way it used to be or a good version of what it used to be. It doesn't make it any easier to accept what is no longer and how your life is has changed.

Why does it seem like some people just seem to stroll through life making it look so easy and then there are others who seem to struggle the whole way through? What are they doing differently? What should I be doing differently?


  1. I am presently learning how to let go and fall apart. This is a lesson I haven't learned yet.

    What my brother keeps reminding me of is this verse: "They that wait. . . . upon the Lord, SHALL RENEW. . . their strength.....and it goes on to say what happens afterwards. What a lovely thought to remember right now, in this mess that has always been so well put together.

  2. I haven't learned that lesson yet either. It is a nice verse. Thank you. :)