Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Teen Mom

I'm watching Teen Mom. I'm not even sure why I watch it. I think maybe all the drama and dumb decisions they make are amusing.

Farrah is wicked. I feel sorry for her parents. She is so mean to her parents when they are always trying to help her. Maybe that is part of the problem, they do too much for her and she takes them for granted. Farrah is unrealistic and demanding.

Amber has good intentions, but I think she really doesn't know how to follow through on those intentions. She loses her temper too much and blames all of her problems on Gary and for getting her pregnant. I think she forgets, that it takes two to tango. She plays Gary, because she knows he will come back to her, all she has to do is say the word and he will come running.

Maci is living in a dream world, just trying to find someone to play house with. She is crazy to be even considering having a another baby. What will she do with another child.

Kaitlyn and Tyler are the most realistic out of the entire group of Teen Moms. But, I think Kaitlyn is too busy trying to play house to focus on graduating from school. Supposedly in the next episode, Kaitlyn talks to Tyler about breaking up. Kaitlyn and Tyler are my favorite couple and it would be a disappointment to see them break up.


  1. I watch it too! Can't help it :)

  2. I will confess, I have been watching it since the show first started.

  3. Me too. I never miss an episode.