Friday, August 12, 2011

Mommy Daughter Day

I enjoyed my day yesterday with my little girl. Well, she's not so little anymore, but she will always be my little girl. I think she enjoyed the quiet time too. Her mood was better than it has been in a while. I tried taking advantage of my son staying at his friends house and my oldest moved out again. My little sweetheart has had a rough summer, she lost her best friend right after the start of summer and she had to deal with her new found friend coming to visit her monthly and to add to it, she will be starting middle school this year when she returns to school. I can only imagine how scary that may be for her to have to start middle school with out her best friend. So, it's been a very emotional summer for her this year.

We walked to some of local stores close by to wander around and see what interesting things we could find, watched Rio, which was a very cute movie and I helped her put her room back together, so she can reclaim the top of her dresser, so she can actually use it for her things. Then she sat with us and watched Paper Hearts before going to bed. She enjoyed Paper Hearts, but it was a little hard for me to stay interested in the movie.

She found a curling iron she wanted that has different attachments. She insists she is old enough for a curling iron and she needs one to do her hair with this year, because I don't like her using mine because it gets too hot. It's like she went from playing with Barbie dolls to big girl stuff over night. I bought her an electric razor for girls, because the thought of her using a regular razor scares me. I'm afraid, she will cut a big gash in her leg or something while she's shaving.  

I think it's harder when the baby starts growing up, especially when they're a girl. I have to refrain from putting her hair in the cute little pig tails. She's growing out of the pig tails and graduating to a curling iron. Barbie Dolls and pig tails are a thing of the past. Now she is reminding me, she needs her eye brows waxed before going back to school.

My son started with the big boy stuff around the same age. But, it's a little different with boys. He started with wanting cologne, deodorant and Axe shampoo. So, it was a little easier. Now, he's into liking girls and always having a girl friend. Well, at least what they refer to as having a girl friend is. Such as texting one another and an occasional school dance. Which isn't too bad. It was funny when his best friend told me when he was in another room that "Adam and his girl friend tell each other the "L" word. The only thing he does that I have trouble with is, he doesn't want anyone picking up his phone and when he gets grounded he has to hand over his phone. But, before doing so, he deletes the messages as quickly as possible. Well, there's that and it is no longer cool to go anywhere with his parents, he would rather be with his friends as much as possible. Which, I am okay with as long as I know where he is at all times and he stays out of trouble.

My two youngest are only a year apart and my oldest just graduated from high school a year ago. So, I have had a lot of coming of age to deal with in the past year. I think I am finally starting to accept all the changes going on with my children. It just makes me realize, I need to enjoy all those little days I can get with my children now while I still can, before they are all grown up and on their own.

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