Thursday, August 18, 2011

Racist Craigs List Posting

Posted below is a Craigs List Ad I stumbled upon today when I was reading the rants and raves out of boredom. This is one of the mild ads, I refuse to post what some of them said. Well, there are several ads on here from what appears to be from the same person or group of people. There are several of these on Craigs List where they like to rip on Americans and the American way of life.

Ads like this really disgust me. It shows a perfect example of one race being racist towards Americans. We are talking about a cultural group of people who have experienced racism, committing racism against the people who are born naturals to the country they have migrated to. I am a proud American and it really angers me when immigrants living in our own country are racist against us. Racism angers me period! Come on, do they really think they have a right to be racist towards Americans when they are living on American Soil profiting from opportunities here that they can't get in their own country? They are supposedly here for a better way of life and to achieve the American Dream. Then there is people like this who sit behind a computer like a coward and rip on the American people when they don't know us nor do they take the time to know us. People like this tend to spend to much time watching the television believing Americans are like what they see on the television and not enough time out in the real world getting to know what most Americans are like.

They have no clue that racism breeds racism and they are cowards by sitting there spouting out their racist words on Craigs List where no one can see their identity.

I think people should go on there just to flag the posts to have them removed until they get tired of their ads being removed and move on. This is taking freedom of speech too far. It's no better than white supremacy.

Warning:  The Craigs List Ad Below Definitely Does Not Reflect My Views!

Re: re Arabs in Dearborn (immigrants anywhere)

Date: 2011-08-18, 11:39AM EDT
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The not too bright typical American can't understand what your posts states. You are right on target and correct in what you say, every word is right. Remembering this country long ago abandoned family and today lives with the television concept of what family is can only expect to live as television people live, between commercials and without merit or reality. The American losers will soon be run over by immigrants seeking a higher life. We already see it well established in well to do suburban neighborhoods where the white trash mow the lawns of the Arab business owners and professionals. Used to be a sign of high status to have a Japanese gardener, now the white losers trim the Asian owned lawns. Used to be a sign of wealth to have Black women and men working in the white man's house, no more, now whites work in the lovely homes of Blacks. What's wrong with all this? NOTHING. Welcome to the real world. I've said it before and I'm saying it again, nothing worse than white trash. Stay in your trailer parks, please.


  1. Wow - that's incredible. Can't believe someone wrote this.

    I'm a new follower from High Five Friday blog hop. Look forward to reading more.


  2. This was one of the mild ones. When I went back later to show my husband. I think someone flagged some of the really bad ones. I don't understand what they think they are accomplishing by doing stuff like this. Thanks for stopping by & following. :)