Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Road Trip To North Carolina

I have been MIA in the blogger world lately, because I took a little road trip to North Carolina. My father was sick and I needed to go to help my mother. The stress was becoming too much for her and I was worried about him, plus I needed to see him to make sure he was okay before leaving. It is very difficult to be so far away from your parents when they are sick. You worry about them so much and you are so far away you can't go over and check on them every day.

It never fails on a road trip that you run into at least one stupid driver on on the road. If your lucky you run into only one stupid driver. On the way down there, a crazy motorcycle driver whipped in front of me forcing me to put on my breaks on the highway. Then there were the crazy drivers who think they are race car drivers, riding your bumper if they can't pass you. Coming back during the day wasn't too bad until I hit OH8, where the traffic was bumper to bumper and a driver stopped in front me waiting to get over two lanes, because they almost missed their exit causing a big truck behind me to put on their brakes and came just inches away from hitting me. Then on the Ohio Turnpike their was a semi carrying new cars swerving and flying down the high way. I kept passing him, because I didn't want to be behind him or next to him in case he wrecked and every time  I passed him, he would pass me and get in front of me. I think he did it intentionally, because he was driving behind me and I was going 75, the speed limit was 70 but that wasn't fast enough for him, he passed me and flipped his hands up in the air.

I got stuck in one lane traffic on the turn pike for almost an hour, so a trip that would normally take me 12 hours took 14 hours. I was so stressed out by the time I got home, my neck and shoulders are so stiff it hurts to turn my head. If plane tickets weren't so expensive, I would fly.

Then I came home after a 14 hour trip and being gone for a week and a half to find the house a mess and I don't think anyone cleaned the bathroom while I was gone and I spent an hour and half cleaning, because I can't walk on dirty floors and I didn't want to kids to be using a bathroom with mold growing in the shower and around the sink or a dirty toilet. It wasn't easy to coordinate, my husband's schedule, my oldest daughter's schedule with the babysitter to make sure someone was here with the kids all the time.


  1. So sorry about your dad being sick. I understand what it is like to live so far away from your parents. I live in a different state than my parents. Recently, 4 weeks ago found out my mother has bladder cancer. It has been hard to not jump on a plane and go to her. But my sister lives close by and has been helping.

    Hope your neck is doing better soon.