Saturday, September 10, 2011

It Has Been One Of Those Days

It has been one of those Saturdays where you just wish you could go back to bed and forget about today. Then just when I sit down to drink a cup of coffee, I bit into an ant. At first I thought it was a marshmallow. I had put some cocoa in my coffee with some cream brule' creamer. I sat down in the backyard to relax and drink a cup of coffee. Then I take a drink and felt something catch between my teeth ,so I took it out and it was a flying ant! I ran into the house to brush my teeth and I started puking. I couldn't seem to get that crunchy feeling out of my mouth. Oh my goodness, I had never had that happen to me before and I pray to God it never happens again. I don't know how some people eat chocolate ants. I think I would start puking before I ever get it to my mouth. At that point everything else seemed minor to crunching down on a flying ant.

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