Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Year More Mayhem

My birthday is coming up in a few days, one of the most dreaded days of the year. For some reason, I always start feeling depressed around my birthday since I turned 39 and I never want to celebrate. Well, this year, I will be turning 41. I seem to be taking it a little better this year until I found my first grey hair in my eye brow. I am in denial about my age. My uncle asked me a couple of weeks ago how old I was, I told him 39. At that moment, I believed I was 39. Somewhere along the line I had lost a whole year and didn't realize I would be turning 41 until my daughter mentioned, I would be turning 41.

Not to mention, the kids are always on their worst behavior the week on my birthday, even on Mothers Day. I don't know what is up with them regarding that. Take this week for example, nobody wants to get out of bed, they take forever to get in the shower, nobody can seem to find anything this week  and every time I tell them to do something, they say "Why don't you tell Adam (or Sammy) to do it? Just in the time I wrote my first paragraph, I have had to get up six times. It took me an hour to write the first paragraph. My kids are 10 and 11, soon to be 11 and 12 in two months and they can't seem to get themselves ready for school without me trailing behind them to tell them 10 times to get in the shower. It took me 20 minutes to get Sammy out of the bed and in the shower this morning and 45 minutes to get Adam in the shower. He now only has 20 minutes to shower and get ready for school. They both have alarm clocks that shine the time on the ceiling, but they haven't mastered waking up to them yet.  Last week they were fine, but this week everything is falling apart. My son never has any clothes, even after I do laundry because he kicks his clothes under the bed when he is supposed to be cleaning his room.

So, why should I enjoy my birthday? Its the second week of school and somehow it always turns out to be the worst week of the year. Some sort of big expense or major problem seems to come up around this time of year making it hard to enjoy. This year it was the insurance company demanding we replace the shingles on the house and garage. The shingles on the house needed replaced, but it wasn't urgent. There was no leak. The garage shingles weren't too bad. Replacing the shingles has broke the bank. We didn't replace the shingles on the bay window, because they didn't need done and they matched the house. Well, when the insurance came to take pictures of the house, they insisted the shingles be replaced on the bay window or they would cancel our insurance. Then they send a letter saying our insurance has been reinstated without a lapse in insurance and they apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. I felt like taking that letter and shoving it right up their ass. Any inconvenience, we are now late on the mortgage, because we were short on money for the shingles. My uncle did the roofs for us, and it still cost us almost $4000 to do the shingles on the house and garage. Shingles up here in Michigan are $31.99 a bundle. The only thing I do have to be thankful for is my uncle did it for us or the house and garage would have cost us around $10,000. We would have never been able to come up with the money and the bank would have foreclosed on us for no home owners, because I tried to find another company but couldn't find one. Almost no one, but one company would insure us because the property values dropped so low in Michigan. My house is now worth about $30,000 less than I owe on the mortgage.

Not only did we have the expense of the roof, my daughter broke her glasses on Friday. We had to split doing the house and garage shingles up between two paychecks, because we didn't have enough money to do them both at the same time. So, this was the worst week for her to break her glasses. But, we had to take her Saturday to get new ones, so she could see in school.

Then there is my ex-husband who has not given me any child support in almost three months. I swear, he always pulls this around my birthday, it NEVER fails. Wayne County, Michigan child support judges are the worst judges. A few years ago, he took me to court to have his child support payments reduced after being $3,000 behind. Not only did the judge reduce his payments, he dropped the $3000 rears. I thought a man was supposed to go to jail for not making their child support. If I had been in another state, he would of had to come up with the money or go to jail. Well, he's Arabic and works for someone Arabic. They forged pay stubs saying he only worked part time for less than minimum wage. I pointed it out to the judge, the pay stubs were less than minimum wage and he told me I had to hire a private investigator and prove he was lying, that it's not his job to do that. So, I figure why bother taking him to court, every time we go to court, they reduce his payments and drop anything he owes in back support. This year, he claims he is not working. However, two days after he told me that, my son called him to ask him to pick him up and he said he can't, because he had to work. Then Monday when my daughter lost one of her contacts, I told her to call him and ask him to take her and pick one up until Saturday, she was gone for almost two hours and I asked her where they went, she said "Dad had to stop by his job for a few minutes and do something." That's funny, when I called him last Saturday to start making his child support, once again he said, he's not working and doesn't even have money for food. Really? He expects me to believe that when he keeps telling the kids he has to work or takes them to stop by his job for a minute. He must think I am really stupid.

My ex hates the idea of my husband and I doing anything together, so he makes it difficult on us. On his day to take them, if we go anywhere he drops them off early so we have to come home. I have to tell the kids call me before you come so I can make sure I am there if we go anywhere. What does he do? He drops them off early whenever I tell them to call me about a half hour before you come home.

To add to the mayhem, the diamond fell out of my diamond ring over the weekend. Thank God, I did get the protection plan. But, the sales representative at JcPenney's tried to get me to say may I was rough on my jewelry and is it possible it caught on the lint filter or something while cleaning it. They always try and talk you into buying the protection plans or warrenties, then when you try and use them, they give you a hard time and try and get out of honoring the plan.

So, I figure why bother being happy about my upcoming birthday, because I know it is time for all hell to break loose and I was broke out in hives by Sunday from all the stress.

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