Friday, September 9, 2011

Soulja Boy Disses The US Army


Soulja Boy is totally and completely ignorant for making this song and video. He disses the FBI and the Army in his song. Crap like this doesn't make him look like a big bad tough rapper. A American soldier could take his scrawny ass down in 30 seconds flat. It just makes him look like a dumb ass. Did you ever hear the saying "All talk and no action"? This is a perfect example of it. He thinks he has to talk like a bad ass to be one, being a bad ass isn't about how much crap you can talk and if you have to talk all that crap to try and make people think you are one, then your not! I really don't care if he did apologize. It's a little late for apologies, the video is already out there and is viral. I would listen to Soulja Boy occasionally but after this, he can kiss where the sun don't shine. I will ban any of his music from my house. My kids will not be allowed to purchase his music, go to any concerts, buy anything that has to do with him or any products he may decide to endorse. I'm shocked he had the guts to make this song. Americans soldiers have died for his freedom and he makes a song like this. I don't care how much money he has, he's a loser for making such a song and I think he will see his popularity go down hill very fast. This could be the biggest mistake of his career. He honestly thinks he's big enough to go to war with the US Troops?

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