Friday, September 23, 2011

Reigning Cats & Dogs

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I am down here in North Carolina visiting my parents, we went to the Monroe Crossing Mall and they have a pet store called Reigning Cats & Dogs. You can also shop Reigning Cats & Dogs online at  I was impressed to find out that everything in the store was made in the United States. Considering all the concern with some of the dog treats coming from China and over seas were causing liver failure and even death to dogs, it was nice to find a store where everything you picked up in the store was made in the United States. Its nice to know you can purchase items that are safe for our furry little family members.

It is only logical that overseas manufactured products may not be as safe for our pets as products manufactured in the United States, because they don't treat animals the same as most of us do in the United States do. In the United States our pets become family members, where as in some of the other countries animals wander the streets without a home.

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