Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wake Up! The United States Is In Serious Trouble

Michigan's poverty rate has increased by 50% during the past decade. In the 1999-2000 census the poverty rate was 9.8%. In the 2009-2010 census the poverty race increased to 14.8. The medium household income dropped more in Michigan than any other state in our nation. According to the 2009-2010 census, the medium household income dropped by $12,000, making it the highest drop in the nation.

The recent cuts that were made in Michigan are not going to help the economy recover either. It only threatens pushing more people into poverty. Making it more difficult for families who have lost their jobs to support their families. Michigan residents will not be able to receive more than 4 years of welfare benefits in their lifetime beginning October 1st. Which comes to, if a family had been receiving benefits before the cut was passed. They will lose their benefits beginning October 1st. Which will be detrimental to low income families and single mothers. Passing the welfare cut can seriously damage a low income family or a single mother who may be working, but not making enough money to buy food for their family. There are a lot of households out there working minimum wage jobs, because the economy is so poor and jobs are very difficult to find.

Being someone with two college degrees and out of work for almost the past three years, I can vouch for the lack of decent paying jobs here in Michigan. There are very few jobs to apply for. Most of the jobs I have been applying for have been for $9.00 an hour or less and are part-time jobs with an earning potential of only around $200 a week. Even those jobs are difficult to get. Some of them asking for a bachelor's degree in business for a part-time $9.00 an hour job for an administrative assistant or secretary. When you go to the interview, the employers act as though $9.00 an hour working part-time has so much potential. I truly feel like laughing at them. It's not even enough money to support your family. I used to make $20.00 an hour before the company I worked for went out of business. That is barely a drop in the bucket for me. Regardless of the low paying jobs, I still apply and go to interviews whenever possible. A job is a job and their lousy $800 a month may help pay some of the bills. Employers are taking advantage of the economy as a way to pay people the lowest possible wages, because there are so many people living in Michigan desperate for jobs, because they are unemployed.

Nationally, the poverty rate rose to 15.1% in 2010. Which comes to a whopping 46.2 million people living in poverty in the United States, making it the largest number of people living in poverty in 52 years.  That takes us back all the way to 1959. Our nation has fallen back more than 50 years. It is a sad day for this nation.

Between 1981 and 2005 and estimated 600 million people living in China moved out of the poverty rate. Take a good look at our numbers and their numbers, it doesn't take a mathematician to figure out what is going on. NAFTA was the beginning of the fall of the United States. American manufacturers began moving their companies overseas for cheaper labor putting Americans out of work. A lot of people blame Obama for Americans being out of work. However, it all began long before Obama. The fall of the American economy came just before Obama got elected and the economic mess fell into his lap. It is easy to blame Obama for the economic fall of the economy. However, it goes all the way back to Bush Sr. and the 2 terms of George W. Bush was enough to push the United States into a economic pit leaving Obama holding the bag. That doesn't excuse Obama for being partially to blame for the economy getting worse during his term. He has done nothing to find the solution to the economic fall of the United States. The only solution that may fix the United States is to put a stop to American Companies moving their companies overseas. Make it more costly for over seas American companies to import their goods into the United States. The average American will tell you exactly what happened to our jobs. Now, why can't the politicians see whats going on? They can see the problem, they just want to find another way to fix the problem. However, there is no other way to fix the economy until they put a stop to manufacturers moving their companies overseas. Politicians are too busy trying to keep the wealthy happy and trying not to step on their toes to fix the country. Not to mention, the politicians fall into that percentage of the wealthy and they are not about to burn down their own house to save the nation.

You may be wondering, what is the point of this long post full of politics and statistics. The point is, it is time for Americans to look at the facts. Stop burying your head in the sand when it comes to politics. We have come to a point in America where too many people just take what is dished out to them and don't say a word about it. China is steadily moving forward in economic growth, while the United States is dramatically dropping.

Go through your household items, clothing and even food. How many products can you find that were made right here in the United States. Very few products have been made in the United States. We have sat back long enough and allowed all of our manufacturing jobs go overseas. The government thought the fix to the problem would be to extend unemployment and pay for the education of those who have been put out of work because their job was sent overseas. However, you can educate as many people as you want, but if there are no jobs for them to fill their education is worthless. It may have helped a select few find new employment, but obviously not enough or our country wouldn't be in the mess it is in right now. 

Our economic success, safety and health depends on Americans standing up and saying they have had enough. The toys we buy in stores are no longer safe for our children to play with, the bottles we use to feed our babies is no longer safe for our babies or even the formula we feed them is no longer safe. Our food is even being imported to the United States, putting American farmers out of work. Have you ever remembered a time when we have had so many recalls on food? Our meat is coming from Canada and Mexico. In Mexico, the people who can go into Texas to buy their meat do, because they say the meat in Mexico isn't very good. So, what do they do? American companies bring it here to shove it down the throats of Americans. This doesn't bother anyone? It is extremely disturbing to me.

Our children's future depends on this generation standing up and demanding change. What is life going to be like for our children when they grow up or our grandchildren? The future is not very promising. If we lived in the 70's we would be in the streets protesting. In the year 2011 when we are supposed to be moving forward, we are moving backwards and I see very few people who even speak up anymore. What happen to the democratic country we used to live in where people cared about our future. Everything has become the here and now and very few people concern themselves about the future. You are doing an injustice to your children by sitting on your sofa watching reality television shows hiding from the nation falling apart around you. Your children are not going to be able to find jobs, if there is no where for them to work.

I find it disturbing that when ever I do a post on politics or the dangers of our food or products being imported gets lower stats than a blog hop. Wake up mothers, you are the consumers. Whether you believe it or not, you have the ability to pull the strings on consumer buying. You are the ones who do the grocery shopping. Start writing companies, making phone calls, writing your Governor or writing the White House. Do whatever it takes to make your voice heard. You are the ones feeding the poor quality food to your families. Is it really acceptable to you that your feeding your infant apple juice containing high levels of arsenic. The juices containing high levels of arsenic are coming from China. Start reading the labels in the grocery store, see where they are manufactured and start boycotting food products manufactured in other countries. You are the consumer, use your consumer powers. Politics may seem boring, but it directly affects the economic well being and the health of your family.


  1. I am beginning to wonder if it's too late to wake enough people up to make a difference.
    It is almost like the middle class is slipping away. And 10 years from now we are all going to be like a 3rd world country. People will be either extremely rich or poverty stricken with no in between.

  2. @Pastor Sharon I hope we are not like 3rd world countries anytime soon. I am still a believer that hopes for something better each day. I can see how this could happen if things keep going like they are. We are not as United as we should be.