Thursday, October 27, 2011

Craigslist Crook

It is not surprising someone else is using CraigsList to rob someone. Craigslist has become a problem on the net. People use CraigsList to rob peoples homes, steel their belongings, murder, to rob people, and let's not forget prostitution. I don't know how CraigsList can still be up and operating at this point with all the bad press CraigsList gets.

A Garden City single mother decided to sell her wedding rings on CraigsList for money. She had to make the choice between saving the rings for her girls when grow up or paying the bills to support her children. She took all the safety measures to ensure her safety during the transaction and the crooks stole the rings right out of her lap.

A lot of people are turning to CraigsList to sell items for quick cash in these poor economic times and things are getting scary. CraigsList is also widely used to seek work. A lot of employers are turning to CraigsList to advertise employment, because they can get a free listing. Where as a lot of job boards are now charging to place ads for employment. It's a scary place out there in this world now. Last summer I applied for a job off of CraigsList like I had many previous times. I went for the interview where the man said it would be and no one knew who the man was and had never heard of him. He even called back with some lame excuse that the employee was new and didn't know who he was  and tried to get me to come back, even though she was standing there with another employee and asked the other employees standing there, if they knew who he was. It is pretty scary, because he knew exactly what I was wearing so he was watching me. Ever since then, I have been very skeptical of anyone off of CraigsList.

A little word of caution, be very very careful seeking employment, selling items or buying items off of CraigsList. You never know what will happen. Trust no one.


  1. I won't even look at craiglist. My nephew got married recently and his new bride decided to sell the gown on craigslist. They got this really weird offer. So, they reported it to the FBI after talking with my brother in-law. Turns out the FBI was looking for these people. They were able to use my nephew to track them down.

  2. Wow, that is really crazy! That site is getting down right scary.