Monday, October 17, 2011

Wall Street Occupy

The Wall Street Occupy group has raised almost $300,000 in funds to support their movement. The group is growing nationwide and has spread to Rome and London. I am sure the U.S. Government never planned on the group gaining momentum like they have. People are tired of the economy and they are expressing their Freedom of Speech. Honestly if I were in the government, I would be worried about the group.

People are demanding change. Most of the big corporations don't even pay taxes. They are supposed to be creating jobs with their tax break in the United States, but they aren't creating jobs they are cutting jobs left and right. In the meantime, the government is taxing the hell out of the working middle class. They take enough taxes out of my husband to support another family on and we are struggling because of it. He gets paid every two weeks and they take as much as $1,000 out of his check every two weeks. That is 26,000 a year in taxes. That is  another person's wages. Meanwhile, a lot of these big corporations aren't paying a dime in taxes. Then they take almost half the income of the working class trying to support their families. None of it makes any sense what so ever.

Then there are the ones who can't find jobs. There seems to be a large group of educated experienced people in their late 30's and up who can't find work. It is like we are washed up at 40, if we were laid off. Nobody wants to hire us. We are either over educated for the position or have too much experience. I have been looking for work, it's not easy. The wages are extremely low, less than half of what I used to make before. It seems employers are looking for younger people without any commitments to a family. At interviews, I am always asked how many children do I have and how old are they? A lot of employers don't want to hire women with children. I have worked every since I have had children, it never interfered with my job in the past, so why would it interfere now?

Another thing I hear is, why are you applying for this position when you have a degree in psychology? Why??? Obviously, it is to work is what I really want to tell them. Or another thing I am told is I don't think you will be satisfied with the position, because of the wages. I used to make $20 an hour working full time and now I am applying for positions making $8 or $9 an hour part-time. My attitude is, something is better than nothing, but they just don't seem to get it. I understand that when you are starting over with a new company, you have to work your way up, I am not going to find a job making $20 an hour in this economy. I started with the company in 1999 making $7.50 an hour working full time. Even back then, it was easier to find a job making more than you are now. At least it was full time, giving you more earning potential. That was 12 years ago, it is sad you make more money 12 years ago than you can today.

That is the reasoning behind the Wall Street Occupy. I understand why they are angry. We want jobs, jobs that we can support our families on. The big companies are taking their tax break and using the money to build companies overseas employing people in other countries, not people in the United States. That is not what the tax break was designed for and our government is not stopping them. They are burying the middle class alive. We have spent years of our lives helping these big corporations build their companies and they throw us away like garbage. We are a generation that has dedicated endless hours into investing in our future and we have nothing to show for it. We did what we were supposed to do, we went to college and worked hard to build a future for our families and to give our families a descent home to live in and a chance to go to college themselves. So many of our generation has lost their jobs, their homes and lucky if they even have a place to live. Everything we have worked for is gone and we are still paying the student loans for our education. The government is doing nothing to stop these companies from doing what they are doing. What ever happen to the American Dream? We have lost almost everything we own because of the decisions our government has made and they have the audacity to wonder why are we so angry?

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