Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where Do They Go?

After doing the post the other day on The American People Are Getting The Boot. I started thinking, where are all these families going now that are getting foreclosed on? I know one of my daughters friends, her family was forced to go live with her Grandmother. But, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a family member to move in with if they can't afford an apartment. Sometimes renting somewhere big enough to accommodate children is more costly than the home they were living in. So, what do they do? Where do they go?

Everyone thinks, it can't happen to them. They have owned their home for 5, 10 or even 20 years. They have been at their job for several years. Then one day, they get laid off and can't find another job. Along comes the foreclosure notice and they are out, they are left to find a new home for their family to live. God help them if they are one of the millions, the bank foreclosed on for one late payment or one those who had a mortgage through Bank of America and their home was foreclosed on them for no apparent reason just so the banks could get their hands on some of the 700 billion dollars bail out money Bush decided to hand out to mortgage companies.

So, where do they go from here? Michigan ranks in 8th place nationwide for foreclosures.  I started calling the Housing Authority in Wayne County yesterday to ask questions about Section 8 or low income housing. Wayne County won't be accepting applications for Section 8 for almost 5 years, the cities offering low rent has a waiting list of at least two years, one city in Wayne County has one bedroom apartments available, but won't rent a one bedroom to families with children. Which is understandable, but what if you have no where else to go other than a one bedroom for the mean time? After making several calls, I told one women "I'm a single woman with two kids and my house is in foreclosure. What can I do?" Her solution, was to look for a shelter. What about the women or families this is a reality? Where will they go?

You can't really blame it on Section 8 for the list being so long and not having available funds for Section 8. They do what they can. To add to the mess, Michigan has now put a 4 year cap on Welfare funds. If you live in Michigan and have been receiving benefits for at least 4 years, you benefits are now cut. There are a lot of people that abuse the system, but there are also single parents and low income families that depend on their benefits for survival because they have not been fortunate enough to fall into that small percentage of Americans with jobs paying enough for their family to survive on.

The blame falls on the United States Government. It is time for the Government to say, we can no longer offer aide to other countries, our own American People are living in a crisis every day. I don't know about you, but I am very tired of hearing about this country or that country needing help from the United States Government. They talk crap about us and imprison our citizens, but when they need help they come running to our government to help them.

ABC World News, has made a commitment to Made In America Products. Running show after show on buying American Made Products to help Americans get back to work. Below is a clip, if you haven't seen the segments before.

46.2 million Americans are living in poverty. Some of these people and families are forced out on the street, living out of their cars, tents or where ever they can. Even though our government isn't doing enough, they can only do so much. Part of the responsibility falls on the American Companies that have moved their manufacturing jobs overseas or the companies that have moved their call centers over seas, it is time to bring them back and the American Government needs to step in and put a plan in place to do so. But, the American people need to do their part also. Seek out products made in the United States, the more American made products we buy, the more jobs will be created for Americans.


  1. And american is still bailing out other countries! It is maddening. We have had to live with family. Then had family live with us. There is quickly coming a time when it will be the norm for families to share a home, because that is the only way they can afford to survive.

  2. I know. Think back, what does that sound like?
    The Great Depression. Sometimes people have no choice, but to live with familiy members. My daughter had another friend where two single mothers were sharing the same house to survive and were still struggling for the basic necessities. I see all the foreclosures that go up around us and it's scary to see all these families lose their homes.

  3. I know with our current economy, it is a shame that other countries are benefiting from the resources that should be given to suffering Americans.