Thursday, October 6, 2011

Same Sex Couple Harassed At Sinai Grace Hospital

Jennifer White, 24, was in the hospital Tuesday night and her girlfriend, Jaquice Smith was waiting in the hallway while her girlfriend Jennifer White was in the room with her mother. Smith had to wait in the hallway, because only one person is allowed in the room with a patient. Smith was approached by a security guard and said he attacked her with homophobic slurs.

It is sad that White's mother suffered from a serious life threatening Asthma attack and she has to deal with a personal attack by a hospital employee. As the situation escalated, there where several security guards standing there and watching was going on and no one stepped in to stop him from spouting homophobic slurs at the two young women.  

When you are a bi-stander and do nothing to stop what is going on, the person doing the bullying feels as though you are supporting them, because no one is stepping up to stop what is going on. Obviously, if someones life is in danger then call the police to stop the incident before someone gets hurt or killed. But, I am sure all the security guards have been through training to train them on appropriate behavior. They knew they shouldn't have allowed him to stand there and spout homophobic slurs at the two young women. If there is a situation, they need to deal with the situation properly without causing a scene. The other security guards should have stepped in and dispersed the situation. Now, they may be looking at possibly going down with him.


  1. Now that is just wrong, that no one stepped into stop what was going on.

    No one deserves to be harassed.