Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Racial Intimidation At MSU

Some African American students have fallen victim to racial intimidation at MSU. Either by comments from other students or by a black doll that was hung by a necklace around it's neck. It is terrible that students can not get an education without experiencing racial intimidation. It makes it difficult to get an education if you feel like you are not wanted and racial slurs are said so you can hear them. Those students are only trying to get an education the same as everyone else and should feel safe while they do so.

Racism starts in the home, the example the parents show leaves a long lasting impression on their children they will carry through out their lifetime and it may actually end up getting them in trouble at one point in their lives. We have a duty to teach our children diversity and to be accepting of other races. If you trace your lineage, very few of us are from one pure race. The United States was built on people coming from different countries for a better life. God created all of us, who are we to say one race is more superior than another.  

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