Monday, October 3, 2011

Kids And Guns

In the past month in the Metro Detroit area, there has been two separate incidents where teens have shot someone with a gun. Who is to blame? I blame parents for keeping their guns in places where children have access to them. If someone is going to own a gun, it should be kept in a locked case with the bullets hidden in a separate location. We all have the right to bear arms. However, if your going to keep a gun be responsible. The debate isn't about the right to have a gun or not, it's about being a responsible gun owner. Hiding a gun under the mattress or in the night stand drawer is not keeping the gun out of the reach of children.

Some children are fascinated with guns and then there are the teens who wish to seek revenge on someone else and do not think through the ramifications of shooting someone with a gun. Once a child gets a hold of a gun, their life may be over. Too many people think, it's not going to happen to them or their children until it does and it is too late the change what happened.


  1. I totally agree that the debate is not about the right to have a gun or not. It really is about being responsible. We have talked with our children about what to do when a friend wants to show them a gun, which many here own hunting rifles. BB guns are a natural thing to give a boy turning 8 or 9 here in Utah.

  2. That is the best we can do. Then we just have to hope our children's friends parents do the same.