Saturday, March 31, 2012


I have what is called an arachnophobia, a serious fear of spiders. I have been bitten by spiders in the past and had serious reactions to spider bites that has sent me to the emergency room. Spiders just completely creep me out. Spiders and me can not reside in the same household, the little creepy creatures must go! They are small and sneaky, you can't hear them coming and most time you don't even see them. The creatures are among the most deadliest creatures on the planet. The thing about spiders is there are so many of them. It is more common to find a spider in your house than a ant. You can bomb your house and put stuff out to keep them away, but you will always find another spider. Maybe not as many, but you will find a spider creeping down the wall or across the floor that has crawled in through the cracks of a door or an open window.

The funny thing about it is the first time I was bitten by a spider, I was sleeping. I woke up with my eye looking like someone had socked me in the eye and my face was swollen. Ever since then, I sleep further down on the bed, making sure I don't get too close to the wall giving them easy access to me and I always get this creepy itching feeling whenever I first get into bed like something is crawling on me. I am almost afraid of rubbing where it itches, fearing if I rub it and it's a spider it will bite me from the movement.

The second time was recently when I was cleaning the basement rafters and windows. Something what looked like a spider bite, bit me on the back of my leg and hadn't noticed something bit me until I took a shower. It swelled up huge and developed a sore where the bite was. I didn't even realize something had bit me because I was itching all over from cleaning out the rafters and windows. I have allergies to dust, so I assumed I was itching from the dust.

You don't see a picture posted, because it would creep me out to have an image of spider stuck in my head. It would just be self torture.  

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