Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Facebook Lands Man Up On Charges

A friend of friend exposes a corrections officer who is now facing bigamy charges. Washington authorities say, a man using Facebook found that that she and a potential "friend" were married to him at the same time to the same man. 

According to the documents discovered  Alan L. O'Neill, had married a women in 2001 and moved out in 2009. O'Neill had changed his name and remarried without divorcing the other woman. 

Wife number 1 had noticed on her Facebook page had recommended her as people you may know, wife number 1 went to wife number's 2 page she had noticed a picture of wife number 2 with her husband. The man in the photo was also her husband. Wife number 1 then calls the O'Neil's mother and within an hour later, wife number 2 shows up on her door step saying, she had asked him several times if he was divorced.

O'Neil went to wife number one and asked her not to report him to authorities, that he would do everything possible to fix the situation. However, wife number 1 went to the authorities anyway. 

That should be used as example of what exposing your whole life on Facebook will get you when you have a bitter ex and a Facebook or many other posts you may think are simple can land you in  a lot of hot water. Some people will never learn about posting their whole life on Facebook. 

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